Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stubbornly Independent

Don't let this cute face fool you.

This boy is so darn stubborn I can't stand it!  There is no stopping him when he wants something.  One day this will be an admirable trait, but right now it's just irritating.  He. Drives. Me. Crazy! 
In one day, Jack...
busted off the childproof lock on the pantry, climbed on his chair, and got a bag of marshmallows out.

broke the lock off the refrigerator/freezer, got his own bowl from the cupboard, and began to dip his own bowl of ice cream on the floor.

used a broom to knock over his candy bucket from Halloween.

Now granted, I watched him do this one and even took photographic evidence for Jesse because I thought that was pretty clever of him. 

I guess I should be proud of his determination and problem solving skills, but I spend more time cleaning up his mess. 


  1. Stubbornly independent.....I wonder where he gets this from? What do you think mommie :)

  2. As you said, you have to admire his great problem solving skills! They will serve him well.