Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to Create Christmas Cards

Much like everything else I do, a simple photo idea turned into a tedious, semi-stressful process.  The end result was unexpected but successful.  Here are the steps I followed:

1. Surf the web for hours for a cute Christmas photo idea that includes triplets and a toddler.  Accept limitations that babies can't sit unassisted and Maddie still doesn't lift her upper body while on the floor.

2. Fall in love with this picture: 

3. Find a box that fits all three babies snuggly enough to keep them upright and sturdy enough that it doesn't fall over.

4. Wrap box in festive wrapping paper after everyone goes to bed.

5. Realize the wrapping paper is sideways.  Curse while wrapping it again.  Line the inside and all edges with clear packing tape to avoid tears.

6. Create a lid using scraps of cardboard; then wrap lid.

7. Use Target gift card to buy adorable, coordinating Christmas pajamas.

8. Schedule an appointment at a portrait studio.  Wait in crowded studio and listen to sales pitches for ridiculously expensive packages.

9. Like, but not love, portrait studio pictures.  Pay $18 for $144 worth of unimpressive prints using promotion. 

10. Stubbornly decide to conduct personal photo shoot in bedroom.

11. Take a few cute pictures. 

12. Keep photographing to the point of pissing everyone off (babies, toddler, husband, and self). 

13. Strangely like the "bad" picture the best.  Edit photo and add funny caption.

14. Upload photo to Walgreens.  Create and order 20 Christmas cards for $12 using promotional code.   Include portrait studio pictures in envelope for those who prefer more traditional pictures.


  1. haha! well, I liked the outcome.. super cute.

  2. #12 is part of my 3-step plan to everything in life, unintentionally of course.

    I think the card is freakin' perfect! LOVE!