Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Every Kids' Favorite Museum

Going to Discovery Place Kids has been a regular part of our weekly routine for months. I stopped blogging about our trips to the museum because they became as mundane as preschool, PT, church, etc. The only new thing is I have taken the trio a few times without Jackson over the past month. I always feel guilty because I know how much he loves going and I don't want him to be upset that he missed it. Every single day when I ask Jackson what he wants to do, he automatically says, "Go to the museum." 

We only go to a few areas each visit and we spend a considerable amount of time in each area.  It is a lot more fun now that the triplets notice the details in things and are a lot more interactive. Jackson still considers the museum to be his special place and he gets almost territorial about it. He prefers for the trio to play in the gated infant/toddler area, whereas I like for them to explore the whole museum. We've gone through yet another learning curve of how to let his siblings lead the way sometimes, because they get to make choices, too.

Here are some photos from our visit today:  

Climbing the fire engine

Fire Chief Jack

Note to self: Don't let trio in a real veterinarian office.

And the week before:

Building "Daddy's work" (For the record, Jesse's school is not a skyscraper.)

Playing with kinetic sand in the craft room

Construction worker

People frequently ask if I let the babies play. Well, duh! It's a children's museum, specifically designed for birth to primary school. I'm pretty lenient on letting the babies roam. They tend to stay together. When one veers off, I can coral the other two fairly easily. However, I follow "3 strikes, you're out" rule. The third time I have to chase after James someone, (s)he goes in the stroller. I even let them go upstairs to the annex, then carry all three back down. Here are some pictures from the trio's solo trip last week:

Getting a workout

Exploring the upstairs annex for the first time

No sit-ins at this lunch counter

Bumper carts 

Maddie misusing the racecar ramp

I paid $80 for an annual family membership. Now that the trio are 1, it would cost us $50 per visit ($10 per person). I think the $80 was the single best purchase I've ever made for our family!

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