Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Walking Progress at 15 Months

Disclaimer: No feet were injured while playing barefoot outside. A better mother would have put shoes on her children.

James is the least interested in walking. He can cruise around and stand on his own, but he rarely even attempts to take steps. He will not walk if you hold his hands. He squats and stands all day, but prefers crawling.

Amelia is the most advanced walker. She has reached the point where she walks just as much as she crawls. She is slow and toddles around. She falls after 5-10 steps, then gets up and goes again.

Maddie cruises, stands on her own, and occasionally takes a few steps on her own. She is amazing at walking while holding on with one hand. (Jackson took this picture of us. Not too bad, eh?)

Today was the first time I felt like I had toddlers rather than babies. The girls were especially busy tottering around.

Based on today, Jackson seems to be regressing in the walking department. He spent his time laying in the tunnel and sitting in the sand. Silly boy!

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