Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teacher Workday = Park Day

Jesse had a teacher workday. He went in for an hour, but spent most of the day with the family. He even accompanied us to our park play date. It was an unseasonably warm fall day. Everyone brought blankets, toys, bikes, and scooters. We had a picnic lunch. In this picture, the girls had crawled to another blanket and began eating a friend's food. Oops!

The kids played in the beach volleyball court. I rarely bring small toys because the other moms always bring bags full. Sure enough, there were shovels, buckets, construction vehicles, and more.

The boys quickly made friends with Jesse. It's a rare treat for dads to join us.

James isn't making much progress walking, but he will occasionally let you hold his hand as if he's going to take off.

The girls practiced walking. I love being able to hold their hands and walk together, even if it's just for a few feet right now. I'm not sure where James will go, though...

Jesse took this sweet picture of Jackson. He is such a Daddy's boy!

Two of the boys brought their bicycles. Jackson doesn't ride his bike much. I was going to throw his bicycle in the van this afternoon because I knew my friend's were bringing their son's bikes, but it had a flat tire. Jackson kept up with them running.

We stopped to rest in a semi-gated area overlooking a creek. 

While the girls and I walked, the boys ended up playing a game with the strollers. I was really surprised that James could push the oldest and heaviest boy in the stroller. All four of them were laughing.

It was such a pleasant day to spend together as an entire family. Jesse only has three days of work this week, then we're all headed to the beach Friday morning for a fun weekend with my siblings and their families. Whoo hoo!

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