Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fun Thursday

Thursday mornings mean mommy-dates at the coffee shop. There is a coffee shop across the street from Jackson's preschool where we meet. I look forward to an hour or two of relaxation with my friends. I am one of the only moms that bring kids because most all of our kids are in school. I hate spending money on drinks almost as much as I hate coffee, but I splurge on a chai latte once every month or so. 

I began joining this group at the coffee shop a year ago. At that time, the triplets were only a few months old and they slept the entire time. They didn't become really mobile until late spring, when the weather was warm enough for us to meet on the patio. The fall mornings are proving to be too chilly to meet outside. Today was the first time I've ever let the trio "play" inside. Breakfast (waffles, banana, and cheese) occupied them for nearly twenty minutes. Maddie enjoyed sipping her milk in comfortable chairs. Amelia ogled the pastry display case. James was bound to the stroller after multiple runaway attempts, including trying to pull out a strangers laptop cord. Of course, all three also spent time in the arms of my friends, whom have watched them grow up each week.

James has had a big afternoon. Perhaps he felt peer pressure from his sisters, or perhaps something is finally beginning to click. Whatever the reason, James spent most of the day standing up, taking a few steps, falling, and trying again.

After an abbreviated nap, we picked Jackson up. Jack requested (as always) to go to the museum. James was so content at the water table. Everyone else explored multiple areas, while James spent a half hour playing in the water. He was also especially intrigued with the legos. All of the pictures I took of Jackson, Amelia, and Maddie were blurry because they were constantly on the go.

After a brief respite at home, we spent the evening at the library for a Halloween party. Jesse met us straight from work. Jesse's mom accompanied us since she won't be able to see them this weekend while we're out of town. Some of the highlights of the Halloween party included petting the therapy dog, making crafts, getting Jackson's face painted, and playing games. Amelia was especially trusting of the dog owner. She walked directly in his arms and sat in his lap for quite some time.

Even after dinner and bedtime, our day is not over. It's time to get packing for the beach!

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