Friday, October 24, 2014

Field Trip to Patterson Farms

Jackson had his school field trip to a farm about forty minutes away. Our preschool was one of a dozen or more other schools visiting the farm yesterday. Despite a field full of school buses, the employees kept things running smoothly and managed the large crowds of children.

Jackson loves his teacher and class. Six out of eight students in his current class were in the same class last year, so they are especially close. (So close that they all shared ice cream cones and the stomach virus last month!)

On the ride to the farm, Jackson was so excited that the babies I would be with him the whole time. However, when we arrived at the farm and he saw his friends and teachers, he barely even acknowledged me as his mother. He stayed hand in hand with his current and former teachers.

Please note the director in the background. She is not great at hiding her feelings towards me.
Feeding the animals was a bit lame. You couldn't touch the animals or even allow them to eat out of the cups. They had to pour their food down PVC pipes.

After feeding the animals, our preschool was sent to "make scarecrows". I assumed it was going to be some construction paper craft. Instead, each class was able to actually make a real scarecrow by stuffing hay in adult sized clothing. It was pretty unique and fun.

The trio took an opportunity to play in the hay themselves. I kept them in the wagon most of the the field trip.

The one time the triplets were allowed out of the wagon was during the hayride. 

I was unsure how I would manage the hayride with everyone, but Jackson's former teacher held him. His current teacher held Amelia. An assistant held Maddie, and I kept James. Maddie was especially happy.

Next was the actual pumpkin patch. Even though Patterson Farms is a 100+ acre farm, the best pumpkins were strewn about an open field for the young children to select.

The girls waddled around a bit, but were overrun by preschoolers and kindergartners.

This is the third pumpkin patch we've been to, and the first time James has been completely happy. He was in one of the best moods I've seen recently.

Subway boxed lunches were available to purchase, but we are too cheap for that. PB&J, veggie straws, and peaches sufficed for us.

My little introvert asked to sit at our own table several feet away from his class. I was fine with that because his class sat in a picnic shelter. It was chilly and I wanted to keep the babies in the sun.

After lunch the kids played on various play equipment (recycled tires, pipes, etc). It was very overwhelming and chaotic with so many school groups there. I chatted with a few other moms, but was happy to have an excuse to leave when the girls became restless. 

It was a beautiful, busy day at Patterson Farms. The kids enjoyed themselves before crashing in the van on the way home. I can officially say I am all pumpkined out this year!