Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Photo Fun

The kids and I ventured to a new park today. We ended up spending an hour exploring over a mile of trails. The trails were extremely kid friendly and stroller friendly. There were also several semi-confined areas for the babies to play safely. I brought the Canon to take pictures. 

No ducks at this lake  :(
These three devoured two ham and cheese sandwiches and diced pears. No crumbs wasted.
Contemplative Maddie
Serious James
"Can we go now?"
Jackson comparing color and size of leaves.
Sweet Amelia smiles
We tried to have a photo shoot with leaves falling. This was the result. ;)
Happy girl!
Robert Frost poem?
Classic James smirk
Maddie playing with leaves
Jackson's "treasure" he collected for me
The underside of a red mushroom

I can't wait to return to this park once the leaves have changed colors. Oh, October, how I love thee!


  1. Where was this park? Beautiful pictures!

  2. Love the pics. October is so awesome.

  3. Great pictures of all the kids! Maddie really looks like you in that last one of just her.