Thursday, October 23, 2014

Maddie Update: Shoe Inserts and Neorologist

Maddie's physical therapist has been wavering back and forth between shoe inserts and SMO's (braces that go up to the ankle). She is still standing with her left foot rolled out. The pediatric orthopedic came to the house for a consult yesterday. Together, the PT and ortho decided shoe inserts would be preferable. Based on her rapid progress, they felt that by the time the SMO molds were ready (4-6 weeks) she would be ready for inserts. The ortho made molds of Maddie's feet.

He took the time to explain her arch and how the inserts would provide support to keep her from rolling her feet or curling her toes.  He told me Maddie's inserts will be the smallest size he's made. Hooray for early intervention and size 2 shoes.

Maddie was cooperative with the first foot, but tempers flared during the imprinting of the second foot. This girl hates being restrained.

The ortho will return with the inserts in a few weeks, so I'll update then.

Maddie surprised us all all by walking across the entire living room by herself. It was so unexpected. Then Amelia joined in and both girls were walking back and forth between the PT and me. This walking business is escalating quickly!

Today was Maddie's follow up appointment with the neurologist.She saw the pediatric neurologist at 9, 12, and now 15 months.The doctor was very pleased with Maddie's progress and growth chart. She seemed pleased that our PT had us practice exercises where we isolate the muscles Maddie uses (i.e. hold her right leg down while crawling up the stairs so she is forced to use her left side). I updated her on the orthopedic inserts as well.

She examined Maddie's head circumference, reflexes, crawling, walking, tracking things with her eyes, etc. She told me that based on Maddie's low tone and developmental delays, she could order an MRI upon my request. I reaffirmed that it was not our desire to put Maddie under anesthesia unless it was absolutely necessary. Of course she supported that decision and agreed that the MRI results would unlikely change anything we do.

After thorough discussion, I was relieved when the neurologist ended by saying she was not going to schedule a follow up. She assured me that her door was always open and she urged us to come in if Maddie started to regress or plateau. We all started clapping (including Maddie) and I even asked to take a picture since this is hopefully the last time we'll see our lovely neurologist.

Seven months ago, I was prepared for a very different outcome. Words cannot express how relieved and happy I am about all that Maddie has accomplished and continues to do.

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  1. Such wonderful news! We are so very blessed!