Sunday, October 19, 2014

Robinson Family Fall Festival

Every October our extended family meets at my aunt and uncle's home for a fall festival. It is a favorite tradition among all of our family members. This year did not disappoint.

After a lazy start to the day, I rushed around baking pumpkin cupcakes and whipping up cream cheese icing. The cupcakes cooled during the car ride. My nieces and I decorated them once we arrived.

Jackson instantly ran to the tractor to play with his cousins.

My aunt and uncle ordered pizza for dinner. I lacked the foresight to even think about where the trio would eat, but my thoughtful oldest sister brought a tarp for us. I became a jungle gym for the kids.

All of the cousins took up the majority of the tractor.

Jackson was happy as could be cuddled up next to his daddy during the hayride.

My sisters and I entertained ourselves by taking the traditional selfies.

I decided Maddie and Amelia needed to begin their own "sister seflie" tradition. They were only mildly amused.

Unfortunately for my brother, James spent most of the hayride screaming and fighting sleep. Alas, James could not succumb to the motion of the tractor ride against his uncle's chest.

After the initial hayride, we roasted marshmallows and assembled s'mores.

Even Maddie managed to sneak a few bites of chocolaty, marshmallowy goodness.

By this point in the evening Jesse and I had changed the triplets into nighttime diapers and pajamas. They each had a blanket and were passed around from one family member to the next. We went on a final hayride. Everyone had just as much fun, if not more, in the dark.

It was 9 pm by the time we loaded everyone in the van, which is two hours past the babies' bedtime. Jesse and I chatted with four sleeping children on the drive home.

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