Friday, December 19, 2014

Craft Time

I think I'm going to have some crafty kids. Jackson is very focused and content painting, threading beads, gluing things, and playing with PlayDoh. Amelia and Maddie have also shown interest in ability to color and create things. James is less focused, but I'll keep exposing him to art projects.
Our first stop at the museum yesterday was the craft area. All four kids sat/stood at an art table and colored. The craft themes were all Hanukkah related. Jackson made an edible dreidel and some kind of menorah.
Jackson was having one of his 'stay at home and change into fifteen different superhero costumes' kind of days. In an effort to channel his energy, I brought out the paint. I've been going through so much almond bark lately, I have been cutting the plastic in half and hoarding them as the perfect paint containers. 
We couldn't leave the trio out of the fun. I put the sleeved bibs on the trio and spread a plastic tablecloth on the floor. Our first attempt at painting indoors went surprisingly well. Jackson (aka ninja) was really sweet showing his siblings how to use the paintbrush.
Maddie was totally engrossed in her painting experience.

Amelia was also very focused, which is why I was startled when she walked away. Our clever girl came back with a crayon and began coloring and painting on her paper.

James sat on his plate of paint, ate some of the paint, and stole the girls' paper.

 Jackson continued painting on the table with his acrylic paint after I cleaned the babies up. They used non-toxic tempera paint, which made clean up very quick and easy. I'm so proud of my little artists!

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