Saturday, December 6, 2014

Update on the Boys

I felt bad having a whole post dedicated to just the girls, so here's a quick update on the boys.
James' moods are so intense. He basically has three settings: silly, fussy, or serious. It's like someone just turns a dial without warning and his mood changes. As a general rule, he's always silly when he first wakes up and anytime he is outside.
Unfortunately, James is extremely sensitive and seems to have chronic diaper rashes and teething troubles. He does not care for being awake past bedtime and even though he's nearly 17 months old, he still has a witching hour before bed. James really likes moving things around and works seriously at his tasks. Examples include maneuvering the play shopping cart between the couch and coffee table, rotating the gate around the Christmas tree, and pushing the walking toy through his step-n-play piano.
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Jackson is a typical 3 year old boy. He is still obsessed with all things related to superheroes. He likes playing with his tiny figurines, watching superhero shows and movies, and dressing up in superhero costumes. He is quite knowledgeable. I was trying to explain that Santa Claus was also named Kris Kringle. Jackson said, "like Spiderman is Peter Parker and Iron Man is Tony Stark".
Jackson takes a lot of pride in the crafts he completes at school and home.
While Jack is a pretty sweet kid, he can get very cranky and easily sucked into TV and computer time. I have to limit his screen time, which sometimes results in a fight.
Jackson's social skills has definitely improved over the past few months. He interacts with peers at school and regular playdates. He hasn't reached the point where he requests to have friends over, but if we are going anywhere, he always asks, "Will my friends be there?" Of course, he'll always be an introvert. Even while on playdates, I frequently find him playing on his own. This used to bother me, but now I just realize he needs brief periods of downtime to recharge.
We're definitely blessed to have two beautiful boys.

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