Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friday Unedited

I spend a fair amount of time taking, uploading, and editing pictures. I know this post will never be published if I wait until I edit anything, so I'm just going to pick and choose the least blurry photos.

After a nonstop week (field trip, park, adventures uptown, playdate, ornament making, etc), the kids and I needed a day to recover. I was secretly relieved when our Friday playdate was cancelled because we were all snotty, coughing, and tired. So, in case you're wondering what our lazy days look like, here goes:

We stay in our pajamas all day.

We eat on the floor or in the living room.

We make silly faces and take lots of pictures of ourselves.

We keep the TV on all day.

We play downstairs and make a huge mess.

We climb things we shouldn't climb.

We bake, because even on our laziest days, there's always time and energy to bake.

We eat cookies before lunch.

We play upstairs, and make a big mess there, too.

We nap or rest on the couch, just because we can.

We play outside.

We giggle. A lot.

We call Daddy and ask him to bring home pizza.

We realize we've done nothing all day, then scurry to clean the house before watching a movie and falling asleep.

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