Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Girls

Yesterday at the park it was 70 degrees. Today it was 46 degrees. The good news is, my girls are cute and content regardless of the temperature.
Their little personalities are continuing to develop in unexpected ways. They are both opposite from their newborn days.
Maddie is very temperamental. I have to warn people not to pick her up when she throws tantrums because she thrashes about and will throw her head back as hard as she can (on your chest, the floor, etc). It's best to carefully lay her down so she can throw her brief fit and move on. Maddie is also very verbal. None of the trio have a great vocabulary, but Maddie is the most vocal and has the widest range of sounds and tones. She demands attention when she talks. Of course, most of the time Maddie is sweet, cuddly, and loves to sit in my lap.
Amelia is very nurturing and affectionate. Whenever James or Maddie cry she will bring them a blanket, pacifier, or toy. She gives kisses on the lips and giggles every time. Amelia is especially fond of her yellow blankie and carries it around frequently. Unlike James and Maddie, when Amelia cries, it is because she is in pain. She still gets mad and asserts herself if she wants to play with a certain toy. For the most part she is very easy-going.
I regularly think about how blessed we are to raise both boys and girls. I am so proud and elated to be their mom.

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