Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

This post has been in edit mode all month. Since some people don't appreciate being blasted with pictures of a slightly creepy Elf each day of December, I waited to show our elf's daily hiding spots in one post. 

We had to remind Jackson to look for the elf the first few days but he quickly started asking, "Where's Elf?" (In case you're wondering, the elf's name is simply "Elf".) Jesse and I were minimally creative and kept the new locations easy to find. We don't follow strict Elf protocol and we allow Jackson to touch him, pick him up, or carry him around. The trio had no interest in the Elf, so we focused on hiding him where Jackson likes or would find funny. One of my all time favorite pictures of Jackson is from last December when he found the Elf on his small potty. I was hoping to capture the look of excitement when Jackson first found the elf each day, but I was unable to get any great reaction shots this month. I at least remembered to document and photograph most days.

Monday, December 1--Decorating Jackson's Christmas tree

Tuesday, December 2--Hanging in Stocking

Wednesday, December 3--Brushing Teeth/ Writing with Toothpaste

Thursday, December 4--Sleeping on Egg Crate Bed

Friday, December 5-Watching Elf on the Shelf Movie

Saturday, December 6--Eating Candy Canes from Candy Bowl

Sunday, December 7--Spiderman Elf Hanging from Office Doorway

Monday, December 8--Riding Snail in Nursery

Tuesday, December 9--Held Hostage by Bad Guys

Wednesday, December 10--Sticking Out of Cereal Box

Thursday, December 11-Hanging from Mistletoe

Friday, December 12--Taking Bath in Marshmallows

Saturday, December 13--Toilet papering the Christmas tree

Sunday, December 14--Locked Grinch up in cat carrier
(Forgot to take a picture.)

Monday, December 15--Drinking maple syrup

Tuesday, December 16--Making a snow angel in sugar

Wednesday, December 17--Sitting on top of the tree

Thursday, December 18--Sitting on Picture Ledge with the Misfits

Friday, December --Strapped in Jackson's Car Seat

Saturday, December 20--Playing Ukulele
(Forgot to take a picture.)

Sunday, December 21--Hanging from Jackson's Door

Monday, December 22--Riding Batmobile

Tuesday, December 23--Rolling Down Stairs in Toilet Paper

Wednesday, December 24--Joined Nativity Scene

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