Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peanut Butter Patties and S'mores

The almond bark obsession continues, my friends. My addiction is perpetuated by two facts:
1. Almond bark is packaged in smaller blocks, which means I can melt one or two squares to experiment with a small batch of treats.
2. Almond bark takes 90 seconds to melt in the microwave. There is no cooking involved.
My two most recent successes are peanut butter patties and s'mores.
To make the peanut butter patties (better known as Tagalongs in some regions of the country):
1. Generously spread peanut butter on a vanilla wafer.
2. Dip wafer in melted chocolate.
3. Allow it to cool/harden on wax paper.
It seriously tasted just like the Girl Scout cookie. So quick, easy, and delicious. I ended up making these for two different parties this weekend and they were devoured. FYI, two blocks of chocolate are enough to coat 15 wafers. 
The second creation was s'mores.
1. Break graham crackers into quarter pieces.
2. Spread each graham cracker with marshmallow fluff.
3. Dip in melted chocolate.
4. Allow to cool on wax paper.

Marshmallow fluff is a mystery to me, the way it hovers between a solid and a liquid. The chocolate did not adhere very well to the marshmallow fluff so I drizzled another coating of chocolate on top.

It was another delectable treat!

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