Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Playroom Tour

We've spent the entire week after Christmas rearranging furniture and organizing the house. The trio's room is the first to be completely finished. Our progress has been very slow because the kids are either playing and undoing our work, or sleeping and we can't be in their room. Either way, I'm proud of the changes and want to show it off!

Starting to the left of the door, we have a play kitchen, small table and chairs, and toys. Over the past two days the triplets have eaten breakfast at the table. 

The kitchen was a second hand freebie from a family member. Our play kitchen downstairs is a favorite toy, so I'm glad we have one on both levels. Even though it is wooden, Amelia managed to pull it down on top of herself. It is now secured to the wall so it will remain in that spot for a while!

The biggest change is that we moved the cribs side by side. For the past year and a half each crib has been on a different wall. We wanted to give the trio as much space as possible to play, so we pushed them completely together. They fit perfectly against the far wall, with not an inch to spare. (This is probably the one and only time I have ever folded their blankets.)

We also took out the climbing dome so there is plenty of floor space and I feel comfortable leaving the trio in their playrooms unsupervised for a few minutes.

Continuing to the left, we have some riding toys and storage furniture filled with smaller toys.

I absolutely love our new storage furniture from Ikea. I've collected Ikea bins over the years to use in my classroom and in closets, so we only needed to buy the frame (which was marked down to $35). I made labels with pictures for each bin so the kids will learn to put them back in the right bins. Of course, it will take time for the trio to be helpful at cleaning up their toys.

The closet hasn't changed much over the months. The clothing is still organized by bins and the abundance of shoes hang over the door. We took the dresser out and added another storage/furniture organizer.

That's the full 360 of the playroom/nursery. I'll conclude with an "action pic" while we were trying to rearrange everything. Ahhh!

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