Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust

James is the next confirmed victim of this odd virus. It's like the flu, minus the coughing or sneezing. Amelia still isn't 100% recovered after six days, though she's acting more and more like herself. All of the babies have been especially needy.

James' fever has been especially high, and he's been crying with no appetite or energy for 2.5 days.

The only thing that offered him relief yesterday was a popsicle.

He hasn't even had enough energy to play or go up the stairs. I put him in the stroller in hopes that some fresh air would do him good. Once again, Maddie's been taking care of her siblings.

More often than not, he's been in my arms or passed out on the couch.

I'm assuming Jackson is the next victim, considering he refused lunch and spent the middle of the afternoon like this. If he's going to get sick, I hope he does it now since preschool starts next Tuesday.

I. Am. Over. This. Week.

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