Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

I feel like my face is permanently suck like this:

If you need a reason why, I'll give you four:

1. We went to a lovely potluck lunch on Sunday. Great food, great company--only problem was the kids' table was located between a fully stocked wine rack and a 5-piece fireplace set. Why?!

2. I wish there was some great story to this, but it is what it is: three naked toddlers breaking into the baking cabinet. I ran upstairs to get their clothes, then came down to find them making sprinkle art all over the kitchen floor.

3. This may look like your average kids jumping on the couch. What you might not notice is the coffee table pushed against the sectional. The trio took turns running as fast as they could across the table, jumping with both feet on the couch, then running or somersaulting down the rest of the couch. I genuinely tried to stop them, but eventually gave up.

4. As I prepared breakfast downstairs, Jackson directed his siblings into one crib. All four were jumping in the crib when I came upstairs.

I only pretend to know what's going on in our household. Oy!

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