Monday, August 24, 2015

Lowe's Build and Grow (A Daddy Post)

Early this summer, Jackson and I saw a sign advertising a free building clinic for kids at Lowe's. The advertisement said you could build Captain America's motorcycle and collect special cutouts from the new Avengers movie.

I signed up for the clinic at our local Lowe's. The first Build & Grow was a great experience! Jackson got an apron, work goggles, and a Captain America mask to keep. We assembled Cap's motorcycle and a display stage for the cutout. Jackson was primarily in charge of applying stickers. He occasionally helped me hammer in some nails.

Safety first.

The final product.

Since we just started doing these Build & Grow clinics, I'm not sure if it's just because of the Avengers theme, but kids & parents come out in droves for these projects. Despite signing up in advance, we had to wait in line to receive our supplies every time.


Daddy & Iron Man

Hawkeye's Quinjet

Each time we built our new toy, Jackson got a special patch for his work apron. I was a little upset that we missed the first week (Iron Man) and wouldn't be able to complete his set, but they had a lot of extras.

I think Jackson learned some important lessons from Build & Grow:
  • Hammering nails is easier when you have a daddy to start them for you
  • Instructions aren't necessarily meant to be followed
  • Lowe's is more than just a place where Daddy goes to waste time and spend money
I also learned some lessons:
  • Dozens of children hammering tiny nails creates a hell of a racket
  • Other parents look at you funny when you swear after screwing up Black Widow's Skycycle--AGAIN
  • Lowe's is the happiest place on earth, in spite of the aforementioned racket

We will continue to sign up for the Build & Grow clinics. Jackson is excited about the next two builds--a firetruck and a haunted birdhouse. In the words of the immortal bard, President George Walker Bush, "I think we agree, the past is over."

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