Monday, August 24, 2015

The Month of Birthday Parties

Who knew 4-year-olds received so many invitations to birthday parties? Jackson and I have attended three birthday parties within the past month for his friends. The first one I already blogged about, but I'll briefly mention it again.

Z's 6th birthday at Chuck E Cheese
Pizza, cupcakes, 45 rides/games, dancing and singing with a mouse, exchanging tickets for prizes

It was a very fun, busy afternoon with friends!

R's 5th birthday at Bounce-U

It was clear that this facility specializes in birthday parties. The staff has timed everything so efficiently that the kids are guaranteed to have a great party. Each party group is only allowed in one room at a time. You stay in one large room for 30 minutes, then you line up and walk to the next room for another 30 minutes. Each room has plenty of entertaining inflatables. The crowd favorite was unanimously the "wipe-out" style obstacle course.

Once again, pizza and cake are always kid favorites.

The venue also provides tableware, cleans up, and records gifts. You can even pay a small extra fee for a photographer! I was really impressed with the organization and how much fun the kids had.

R's 4th birthday at the park

I honestly wasn't sure what food, if any, would be available since R has a lot of allergies. His momma provided plenty of safe fruits and snacks that were gobbled up by kids and adults.

Most of the kids were busy running around the park, but Jackson was more interested in the watercolors. He was the only child at the party who painted.

Of course, he also played with his friends and took advantage of the playground equipment.

At every birthday party my mom friends and I have laughed at the lack of personal space or graciousness the kids display while opening presents. They're never intentionally rude. It's just a funny reminder that manners are taught and young kids have no filter.

We've already been invited to another birthday party to an indoor trampoline park in a few weeks. My mom friends are really raising the bar with kids' parties! We avoid most things that cost money, so these parties are the first time Jackson has ever gone to Chuck E Cheese or BounceU, and it will be his first time at the trampoline park. I wonder what kind of birthday party Jackson will request for his 5th birthday in April. 

I'm just thankful we belong to a community where both Jackson and I can enjoy hanging out with our peers and there are people that care enough about Jackson to include him in birthday celebrations. Jackson will always be an introvert and is oftentimes a loner, but he has a solid group of friends and so do I!

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