Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Sleeping, Screaming Sickness

Amelia apparently has some kind of virus. She was extremely lethargic with zero appetite on Thursday and Friday. She threw up once. Ever since then, she keeps crying and screaming, then falling asleep in weird places. This girl has always required a mattress to sleep, preferably her parent's bed.

Jackson sings "Twinkle Twinkle" to her. James brings her a pacifier and her blankie. Maddie rubs Amelia's hair and pats her back. I rock with her. We all try to comfort her, but it hasn't proven to be very effective.

With that said, she never had a crazy high fever or showed any signs of dehydration. Her appetite is almost back to normal today and she has had brief surges of energy the past two days. I thought she was back to normal yesterday, but she's definitely not! (I wouldn't have taken her to the museum if I thought she was sick or contagious.) She goes to bed screaming, wakes up screaming, and whimpers throughout the day. I took her (and everyone else) to the pediatrician's office first thing this morning.

Go figure, Amelia was a smiling angel during the appointment. She gave the doctor a high five and did everything the doctor asked. Amelia's ears, throat, lungs, etc all checked out fine. The only thing the doctor noted was "extra grumblings in her stomach". She said it was probably similar to the flu in the sense that whatever she had took a lot out of her and she's taking a longer time to recover. We're supposed to continue with smaller, more frequent meals and allow her to rest as needed. She didn't give any advice on the screaming! (Ever since Amelia was a newborn, her cry has gotten under my skin more than any other sound on the planet.)

On a side note, these two could not have been any cuter while waiting for the doctor! They are developing quite a bond these days.

After a quick park outing before heading home...

...Amelia fell asleep on the recliner long before her normal nap time.

A few hours later she was crying again, as was James. James cried hysterically most of the evening and refused dinner. (He generally eats 2 or 3 servings!)  I'm trying to mentally prepare for several days of this with James. It's exhausting not being able to comfort or help your child. I feel like I might lose my mind!

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