Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thursday Out

I'm so behind on blogging. I've been in quite a funk the past few days, not wanting to blog, read, or do move, really. Anyway, after a few days at home, we managed to meet friends at the children's museum and the splashpad. Our playdate at the museum was more of a brief exchange while we both chased kids in opposite directions. Despite wearing a smock at the water table, all three of my kids left soaking wet and my friend had to run after her granddaughter. Still, the kids had fun while we were there.  

Maddie really enjoyed building with blocks.

The trio tried to build cars while big brother raced cars down the ramp.

Jackson and Maddie co-piloted the plane.

So wet, so quickly

Captain James

We had already made plans to meet more friends at the splashpad for the final water date of the summer. The kids had a picnic lunch before playing in the water. I included this photo to show the trio's three different hair color.

I didn't even both dressing the girls in their bathing suits because they hate the water so much. I put James in a bathing suit but he didn't play in the water this time. The three of them walked up and down the steep hills, waving to the train every time it passed.

Jackson played enough in the fountains for everyone. Although all of his friends were there, he befriended a stranger and played with that boy instead of the people he already knew.

All but one of my friends' kids will begin kindergarten on Monday or enroll in full time childcare. I'm already sad about the decrease in frequency of our playdates. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change, and what new friends Jackson makes his last year of preschool.

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