Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Embarrassing Movie Moments

Jackson and I headed to our favorite local theater for $1 showing of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Knowing that summer camps and daycares flock the summer theaters, we arrived 25 minutes early. Still, Alexander was sold out so we had to settle for Muppets Most Wanted. Jackson was so happy to eat his snack (from home, of course) and recline with Clifford.

There was an older man a few seats down from us. I couldn't figure out if he was there by himself or had grandkids a few rows down, but he was certainly sitting alone the entire time. He seemed agitated when I took a picture of Jackson with the flash. Admittedly, it was bright, but we were also 20 minutes early and not interrupting anything. As soon as the previews began, I silenced my phone and put it in my purse.

Jackson was wearing his cool new light up shoes. They are unusually bright in a normal environment, but practically seizure inducing in a dark theater. Again, our neighbor a few seats down was less than pleased anytime Jackson unintentionally tapped his shoes against something.

We made it halfway through the movie before Jackson requested a bathroom break and to walk around. We exited quietly, though brightly. When we returned, we heard music playing. It was quite loud and people began looking around at one another. I turned to make evil eyes at the campers behind us. The music continued for several songs. At this point, the whole theater was murmuring. Grumpy Grandpa walked right in front of me, picked up my purse, and said, "Where's it coming from? You mind turning it off!"

Oh. My. Word. I wanted to dissolve into my seat right then and there. It didn't even register that my phone could have been the source of music because I KNOW my phone was on silent. Fun fact: apparently it only takes one tap to turn the Pandora radio station on. It automatically plays at the volume it was last set, even if your phone is on silent. (Try it if you don't believe me! It must have turned on when I put my purse down after returning from the restroom.) The most embarrassing part was it was the Pitch Perfect Pandora station. While I heard it playing and assumed it was the elementary aged kids behind me, I thought, "Kids, please. You don't think I'd rather be watching the Bellas sing at finals than suffering through Miss Piggy's world tour?"

Jackson was unfazed and enjoying the movie. He zoned out a bit towards the end, then announced he was ready to go at the end of the movie. The last scene wasn't quite over, so I asked if he was sure. Then I realized this would be an easy way out so I didn't have to look Grumpy Grandpa in the eyes during daylight. I ushered Jackson out.

As we passed the candy display and popcorn, Jackson was determined that I should buy him a snack. That wasn't even an option so I assured him we were leaving. He wouldn't follow, so I did the classic mom move and said, "I'm leaving. Bye, Jackson." Then I left. And I waited. And waited. Jackson stood in front of the candy and refused to budge. I motioned for him to come on. Nothing.

This wouldn't have been so terrible if it weren't for the fact that movie exits are simply that--an EXIT. I had to go back around, wait in line at the ticket guy, and get through the ropes to retrieve Jackson. The ticket taker said, "Here to get your kid?" before I could even motion towards him. I had to carry Jackson out of the theater. It was the most well behaved tantrum ever. He was calm; he just really wanted candy.

Jackson must not have noticed my mortifying moments because he only told Jesse about the movie plot and getting to lie down in the seats. I had very different stories to share!

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  1. I did the music-from-the-phone trick once. In a public took me quite some time to realize I was the source of the music and not the speakers. lol