Monday, August 3, 2015

Living Room Makeover

We just finished some major living room updates over Christmas break. Unfortunately those improvements could not stop the kids and cats from destroying our couches. 

We purchased our couch and loveseat from Value City Furniture when we bought our home in 2010. At that time, we received the first time home-buyer tax credit and were able to purchase all new furniture throughout the house. I'm not sure why we chose the cheapest quality furniture, especially with two cats. Oh well!

For the last several months the couch and loveseat have been on opposite walls. The kids toys were in the back corner and the TV was in the corner closest to the kitchen.

We've discussed replacing the couches for several months now. Jesse's been checking Craigslist ads and came across a very reasonably priced sectional at a furniture/antique store. We checked it out, paid for it, and had it delivered the next day. The mammoth of a sectional required us to do some serious rearranging. Jesse moved the shelves and photos, and rewired the TV and Roku on the opposite wall. We also updated the curtains to lighten up the room a bit. Here's the final layout.

The room is so open now with so much space for the kids to play. Jesse also switched the kitchen and toy chest.

My favorite feature of the room is the small shelves that display our family yearbooks. Now that they are visible, the kids have taken more interest in them. Maddie is especially fond of flipping through the pages and naming everyone she sees. (Remind me of these sweet moments after one of the kids tears a page for the first time.)

I love having a more functional, open living room and I'm so pleased with the new look!

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  1. Yay! I love that you have the yearbooks out now like you wanted. And I'm certainly jealous of decent couches!