Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Months Pregnant

How Far Along: 20 Weeks
Symptoms:  hips and pelvis hurt occasionally, increasingly short of breath with physical activity, having a hard time staying hydrated, which leads to headaches

Energy: just now starting to feel fatigue again.  We do the Walking Classroom at school where we listen to podcasts and walk a mile around a trail.  The hills are getting a bit harder and I'm slowing down.

Mood: I'm not sure how much of my irritability is due to pregnancy vs desperately needing Spring Break, but I have zero patience in the afternoons.  Administration has been less than supportive of the many behavior problems we deal with on a daily basis and I just don't care by the end of the day.  Spring Break is in two weeks and I am ready!

Cravings: I discovered my new favorite meal by accident last week.  I love chicken parmesan from Ruby Tuesday's.  I recreate this by heating up chicken nuggets in the oven and serving them with penne pasta and marinara sauce.  I eat this at least once a week.

Movement:  My uterus has become a boxing ring!  People always ask if it feels different, and I can definitely say that it's a very unique feeling to feel three different babies all at the same time.  While Jesse can feel movement from the outside now, he will never get the same sensations as I can.  He might have his hand at my ribs and feel Amelia, but then James will kick lower and suddenly Madeline will kick on the side.  It's quite a chain reaction.
Sleep: waking every 2-3 hours now and tossing and turning a lot more

Maternity Clothes:  Nothing new, still wearing my favorite dresses, long skirts, and maternity pants with mostly solid colored shirts.
What I miss:  carrying Jackson up and down the stairs without needing to recover afterwards, going for long walks
Concerns: There has been a lot of drama with police and lawyers over my stolen cell phone and insurance fraud.  At this point, I am considering resigning before I am forced to be suspended.  I don't know what will come of it, but felony charges have been discussed and am not handling the stress very well! 

OB notes:  I have ultrasounds every other week with the MFM, and regular OB appointments on alternating weeks.  That means a doctor's appointment every Monday!  At 19 weeks, the babies were weighing between 9-10 ounces and my cervical length was still 4+ cm.  At 20 weeks, my fundal height is already 36 cm, which means my uterus thinks it's nearly full term.

Best Moment this Month:  Feeling so connected to the babies with their strong movements, having other people be able to feel the babies now. 

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