Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sous Chef

Jackson is quite the baker.  He is very helpful adding ingredients to bowls and stirring.  Of course he doesn't know how to measure things precisely or crack eggs yet, but that will come in due time.  Yesterday he helped me make a birthday cake for his MeMe Scott.

The best part of baking is licking the bowl.  My mom would never let me do this so it's always a bit of a guilty pleasure for me to scrape the sides.  I could really care less about raw egg, but I still limit our indulgences to a few licks.  I lack self-control when it comes to the icing, though.

We took a nap while the freshly baked cake cooled.  I'm not entirely sure what prompted the nudity, but clothes are optional in the summer.  I made a big batch of icing while Jesse got Jackson settled down.  (He hasn't quite mastered dumping powdered sugar and turning on the mixer without us becoming covered in a white dust.)  Then Jack helped frost the crumb coat.

Jackson was doing a great job helping until it came time to decorate.  Jackson helped me find the letters to spell "Happy Birthday MeMe".  Then he got a bit carried away and started unintentionally stabbing the cake with the piping bag.  I was able to rectify the holes, until we ran out of icing.  For whatever reason, he was insistent that the cake have a clown on it.

Here's his finished cake.  As I texted my sisters, nothing says Happy 37th Birthday like a creepy, archaic clown.

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