Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little Librarian

Jackson will probably conduct his own story time when the babies get here.  He is absolutely obsessed with books and letters.  His new thing is singing the "ABC" song multiple times an hour.  Of course he gets the order of the letters jumbled around and he does the classic "LMNOP" as one blurred sound. I am proud that Jackson has such an impressive collection of books at an accessible level in almost every room (living room, his bedroom, babies' room, and the office).  Jackson walks around with a different book in his hand and demands us to "read story" dozens of times per day.  While it is endearing, it's in such excess that I purposely skip pages to try to shorten the story.  Jesse and I both have memorized "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". 
Here are some photos from our weekly library visit:

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  1. Try reading one sentence from every page; that trick got me through Lucy's toddlerhood ;)