Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Make Affordable, Custom Name Art

While I love the trendy wooden letters above the crib, we already did that with Jackson's nursery.  
I wanted something more personalized for the trio.  Plus, I really didn't want to paint and nail 19 letters to the wall!  Here's what I came up with instead:
Step 1: Come up with a plan.  Because the triplets' names are inspired by book characters and people, it was obvious what direction I wanted to go in.
Step 2: Check out discounts at Walgreens.  They are almost always running specials for free 8x10 or 40% off enlargements.  The best part is, the online orders print automatically so they never check for copyright. 
Step 3: Decide what pictures you want to print.  I just googled images of Amelia Bedelia, Madeline, and James and the Giant Peach.  I had trouble with this one because the original pictures I saved and uploaded to Walgreens became distorted and pixilated as an 8x10.  It took me a while to find quality photos to enlarge, but once I did, I quickly uploaded them and entered the promo code.  One hour and $3 later, I had my photos.
Step 4: Go to A.C. Moore for scrapbook lettering and stickers.  They have a wide ranges of sizes, fonts, and colors you can buy.  I selected the fun, colorful, glittery letters.  You can go on their website and print 40% off coupons every single day.  They also have 50% off coupons that are good for Sunday only.  If you are a teacher, you can get an additional 15% off of total purchases (including discounted items) by showing your ID badge.  This is why I prefer A.C. Moore over Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  I just happened to find transparent polka dot stickers in the scrapbook aisle for $1.
Step 5: Buy inexpensive, high-quality frames.  I've bought some cheap frames before.  The last thing I want is the triplets to start climbing up their cribs and accidentally knock the glass out of the frame.  When looking for quality frames, I tend to shop at Ikea.  I bought three large collage frames for $10 each, which was the bulk of the projects expenses.  I really love them!
Step 6: Have fun assembling.  The frame came with a black matte and a white matte.  I chose the black matte because it made the letters pop out.  Since the polka dots were transparent, I cut strips of plain white typing paper to use as a border under the names and randomly placed the polka dots on the paper.  A little bit of scotch tape and they were ready to hang!


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