Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 Months Old

sleeping habits: Very little has changed in regards to sleeping habits in the last month.  After eating, changing, and swaddling around 9 p.m. James and Amelia wake up around 2:00 and 6:00 AM.  James and Amelia sleep in their individual cribs in the nursery.  Maddie sleeps in our bedroom, either in the pack-n-play or in our bed.  She wakes up to eat around 4 AM and again at 7 AM.  All three wake up for good between 9-9:30 AM.

Nap times have become less predictable as the babies remain increasingly more alert.  Maddie tends to take more frequent cat naps throughout the day.  James and Amelia take a longer afternoon nap in the pack-n-lay on their tummies.

eating habits: 
All babies continue to receive 100% expressed breastmilk.  They still eat every three hours during the day (9 AM., noon, 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM) and twice at night.  All three eat between 4-4.5 oz at each feed.

James-smiles, coos and babbles, push up on his arms during tummy time, sit in bumbo, turn in response to my voice, bat at toys, hold objects, lots of drooling and sucking his fists, mimics sounds, push down on his legs if you hold him in a standing position
Amelia-smiles and coos, lift head and upper body during tummy time, turn in response to my voice, suck her thumb, bat at toys, grab/pull objects, open and close fists
Madeline-social smiles, coos and other sounds, roll over from tummy to back, army crawl, sleeping through the night (7 hours)

-We were unable to take the babies to their 2-month well check because our Medicaid cards did not have the correct Primary Care Physician listed.  It costs nearly $700 without insurance.  It has been a frustrating battle trying to correct the PCP and we still do not have an appointment scheduled.  This delay will have a domino effect on their immunization schedules.
-An OT happened to notice at a playdate that Maddie hyperextends her neck.  She mentioned torticollis and suggested various stretches to try throughout the day.  I took Maddie to the chiropractor and he confirmed that her neck and upper back were very tense and misaligned.
-While Maddie is taking Prevacid for reflux, she continues to spit up frequently.
-Amelia seems to have a chronic diaper rash.  I've used Desitin, Triple Paste, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, and time to air out.

-Not having to supplement with any formula
-Constant smiles and conversations with each baby
-Taking the babies anywhere and everywhere
-Getting to know individual personalities so well (what makes them smile, what comforts them, etc)

special notes:
-On the same day that the babies turned 3 months old, I enrolled Jackson in pre-school for two days a week.  I am hoping the educational setting and peer socialization will give us all a much needed break.
-We are outgrowing the double stroller.  I search Craigslist ads daily for a quad stroller.
-I finally started cloth diapering this month.  I love it and the laundry is much more manageable than I anticipated.

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