Saturday, October 26, 2013

Big Boy James

James continues to outperform his sisters in all areas.  As the oldest, he continues to be the strongest and heaviest of the three. 

While the girls barely turn and lift their heads, James is perfectly content pushing himself up while talking and looking around for extended periods of time.  Maddie and Amelia inevitably fall asleep before James shows any indication of exhausting himself.

James has been swinging at toys for over a month, but he just recently discovered that he could control where his hands go.  His hand-eye coordination has improved enough to allow him to intentionally grab and pull objects closer to him.

Our big boy constantly tries to hold his own bottle.  He has always required the most milk per day and is currently drinking 4.5 oz 7x a day.

I suspect James will be the first to teeth as he has already begun to drool incessantly and gnaw on his fists.

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