Thursday, October 3, 2013

Soccer and Sunshine

Jackson likes to do anything that his big cousin does.  Since his cousin is now on a soccer team, Jack wants to play soccer, too.  There are quite a few parks nearby and we go to different ones for different purposes (feeding geese, going for long walks, biggest slides, etc).  Today I picked a park that has large soccer fields.  We brought our soccer ball and had a blast.  Jackson and I alternated being goalie and kicking the ball.  When it was Jack's turn to be goalie, he mostly tangled himself in the net. 
When it was his turn to run, he kicked the ball in whatever direction he wanted or just picked it up and threw it.  At one point he stopped and sat in the field because he had grass in his shoes.  I suppose that's to be expected for a two year old.
And just for fun, the girls got to kick the soccer ball around, too!

We had a picnic lunch.  This time I remembered to bring a blanket and we found a nice shady spot under a tree.  It was so pleasant to stretch out and cool off in the 80+ degree heat. 

I've been letting Jackson become increasingly more independent.  I used to be the mom who stood behind her son as he climbed every single rung of the ladder, waiting to catch him if he fell.  Having the triplets and gaining confidence in Jackson's abilities has allowed me to evolve into the mom who sits on the bench or stands from a distance and encourages him.  While Jack played, the babies napped. 

Two hours later, we left tired and sweaty, both signs of a successful morning at the park!

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