Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free Fun at the Mall

We were all up early this morning.  Since I still don't have Halloween costumes for the trio, I loaded everyone up right after our morning feed and we spent the better part of the morning at the mall.  James and Amelia looked around and cooed most of the time. 

Maddie was once again my cuddle buddy in the Ergo.  She spent most of the morning napping.

Despite going in a dozen stores, we left empty-handed.  We did, however, have a lot of fun without spending any money.

Five free things to do at the mall:

1. Play on all those miniature carousels (without actually paying for it to go around).  Jackson loves to pretend to be a train conductor, pilot, etc. 

2. We play games with the floor tiles.  Nobody is at the mall on weekday mornings.  Jackson has mastered his colors and we're now working on shapes.  I call out specific objects such as "green triangle" and he has to find a green triangle to stand on.  As long as it's not crowded, I let him run around or skip to make it fun.

3. Select books to read inside the bookstore.  Jackson was really excited to see "little Cliffords" and "Monkey Harwood".  Haha...I have no clue why he calls Curious George that!

4. Climb and slide in the kid's play area.

5. Who needs to pay to go to an aquarium when you can go to Bass Pro Shop for free?  They have a floor to ceiling fish tank along an entire wall.  It has an impressive variety of fish. 

Bonus: Our local mall is 1 mile around.  By the time Jackson walks around the entire mall I can expect him to take a nice afternoon nap. 

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