Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Festival: Round Two

We were invited to attend a fall festival/trunk or treat event by my sister-in-law.  This meant I needed to figure out the babies' Halloween costumes ASAP!  We have so many solid pink onesies, I originally had the three little pigs in mind.  Then I realized how cold it would be and how hard it was to find affordable baby pig hats.  I had no clue how expensive Halloween costumes cost!  I set my budget for $30 and after a lot of digging and borrowing, I was able to create a lion, tiger, and bear outfit. 

I'm still not satisfied with the bear outfit, so I'll have to get a bit more creative for James. 

Jackson had his choice of Halloween costumes, but he ultimately decided on this $2 skeleton costume we found at a thrift store. 

The outdoor festival had several activities for kids to do such as bean bag tosses and bowling.  Nowadays they don't let you bob for apples, so the popular thing to do is bite a dangling doughnut off of a string using only your mouth.  Jackson and his big cousin were hilarious to watch!

After lots of laughter and failed attempts, Jackson used his hand to shove the doughnut into his mouth.   

After games and candy, it was time for the hayride. The boys were equally excited.

Before leaving the church, we managed to get a decent family picture.  I'm pretty sure the last picture we took with all six of us was taken on the day the triplets were born.

After the outdoor fun, we headed off to CiCi's with the family, and then to visit PaPa.  While eating pizza we received a most bizarre comment that Jesse and I must be like rabbits.  Umm...inappropriate, lady!  Overall, it was a busy, fun-filled Saturday.

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