Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Outtakes

I've consistently recorded our daily outings and adventures, but there are plenty of silly, bizarre occurrences that get lost in between all of the events. Here are some of the everyday happenings at home that didn't make the blog this month.

Jackson is obsessed with hiding under laundry baskets. I was amused when the babies began climbing on top of the basket while he was underneath.

For two days straight, Amelia suddenly stopped what she was doing and assumed the downward dog position.

Of course, that was practice for her to get comfortable standing on her own.

Anytime I open the back door, all three kids rush to get in and out of the house. All three cannot fit, but that doesn't stop them from wrestling one another.

Thanks to an unfortunate diaper change gone wrong, James and Maddie both required an impromptu bath in the sink.

Jackson likes to open the dryer and let the babies crawl in it. At least Jackson can't reach the top to turn it on.

James cut four top teeth this month, which caused several days of grumpiness. I guess Jesse commiserated with him.

Amelia, Maddie, and James have mastered climbing the stairs. I open the gate when it's time to go upstairs, and they all ascend the staircase. As I was taking a picture, Maddie slipped on her dress and tumbled down two steps.

If the bathroom door isn't closed completely, James WILL play in the toilet. Along with wires and cords, he has a sixth sense for when the bathroom door is ajar.

All three of the trio love "helping" load and unload dishes.

James' hair is getting so long I like to play with different hairstyles in the bath.

While I love the Little Tikes Playsets we purchased, my blood pressure rises every time the trio play on them now. Maddie can climb the slide by herself. Amelia taught herself to swing by climbing inside and standing on the swing. James can climb the tiny rock wall on the other side. It won't be so hazardous once they learn how to slide and climb down, but for now, it can get chaotic. 

I found Amelia like this yesterday morning.

And my favorite outtake...
I wish there was a story or explanation behind this last one, but I was simply an observer.


  1. Isn't that Amelia falling in the stair pic? These pics are fantastic!

    1. It's definitely Maddie. Amelia had mastered stairs weeks before so I was taking the picture to show Heidi how great Maddie was doing. And...she fell.