Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Freedom Park with Friends

Conversation with Jackson and I in the van:
J: Are we going on an adventure?
Me: Yes, we're going to the park.
J: What park are we going to?
Me: Your favorite park!
J: Tell me.
Me: It has an obstacle course.
J: We're going to the obstacle course park! Will my friends be there?
Me: Yes
J: Yay! I love my friends.

It literally took all summer, but Jackson finally considers his regular playmates his friends. As much as we love Freedom Park, we had even more fun with friends. Jackson immediately ran to the obstacle course upon arrival. It's impossible to capture it in one photo, but I found an aerial diagram of the NFL course.

The trio were hesitant to explore their surroundings.

They warmed up to the only girl of the preschool group who happily played peekaboo with them.

It's hard to get the boys to pose, so I was elated to get a semi-decent shot at the end of the course.

After running, climbing, and spinning at the obstacle course, we walked around the lake. We planned ahead for a picnic lunch.

The boys fed the ducks and looked for turtles.

Our next stop was a more traditional playground. Jackson recharged after a bit of quiet solace in a tunnel.

Finally, the kids played in the train. It was endearing for me to watch Jackson actually initiate play.

James reclaimed his title as resident wagon napper. At one point he swayed to the other side. Maddie kept poking him and laughing.

It was another gorgeous day with great weather and company. I'm curious to see if Jackson will continue to strengthen his friendships once our playdates become less frequent. Preschool resumes next week and the babies need their afternoon naps. I'm not sure that we can maintain our social calendar. Either way, I'm enjoying our time together this week!

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