Friday, August 22, 2014


We enjoyed lunch, shopping, and hours of entertainment for $10 this afternoon. My favorite thing about IKEA is that we have the same high chairs at home so everything feels familiar.

Jackson wanted to sit in the kids area so he could immediately play after he ate. We sat across from him.

The kid's showrooms provide plenty of fun for all four kids. There are tents, tunnels, inflatable toys, stuffed animals, puppets, tiny furniture, and more. Everything is perfectly designed for their size.

This area was a popular spot today among exhausted, pregnant mothers of toddlers. I had no clue which child belonged to which mom since no adult seemed to be supervising any child, but at least mine were easily manageable today.

Our exciting purchase was new tupperware. We have a bad habit of giving ours away (or others have a bad habit of not returning it). Either way, I love the IKEA containers. They are cheap but the lid seals nicely. They don't stain when you heat up sauce or other colorful foods. They stack neatly in the cabinets.

IKEA never disappoints!

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