Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

In case you can't decipher this Walter White inspired breakfast, Jesse turned 28 today! 

He took advantage of the free birthday breakfast at Denny's before work. Since it was a workday and he didn't need to go in before 8, Jackson accompanied him. 

As soon as Jackson was dropped off, we got to work on baking the requested carrot cake. Jackson can be trusted with every step of the recipe, with the exception of peeling and grating carrots.

The kids and I brought Jesse lunch at work. They had Open House last night so the classroom was neat and orderly. I think James and Amelia had a secret mission to reverse this. James has a sixth sense on where to find cords. It is always the first thing he finds in a room.

The girls raced up and down the hallway

until Maddie surrendered in exhaustion.

Jackson played the role of teacher by talking on the phone, typing on the keyboard, and writing on the board.

Our kids will never be able to escape the classroom setting.

Jesse enjoyed his lunch and birthday cake.

One of his colleagues also celebrated a birthday today, so his team surprised them both with lots of snacks. I'm relieved that Jesse seems genuinely happy with his new school and team!

Once Jesse returned home, Jackson presented him with various gifts that Jack had collected throughout the house. 

My mother made such a big deal out of birthdays. I'm subconsciously training Jackson to be the same way. We sang "Happy Birthday" multiple times throughout the day.

Dinner was Chinese take-out per the birthday boy's request. Jesse has begged me for years to stop inviting the whole family over for his birthday. I finally gave in this year and honored his wish, though it felt counterintuitive. Jesse's mom must have felt the same way, because she stopped by for a late visit, along with our sister-in-law and nephew.

I hope Jesse was made to feel special today and that he is continuously blessed with good health and happiness in the upcoming year. Happy Birthday, love of my life!

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  1. Oh, I love the bag-of-crap from around the house tradition continues with Jackson. That's secretly one of my favorite things the girls do for each other at birthdays.