Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Latta Park

Today we ventured out to meet a friend for a picnic at Latta Park. We got there an hour earlier to take advantage of the spray grounds that close in a few weeks. I loved how close the spray ground and playground were to one another. The park had great visibility and felt very open, even though it was nicely secluded from the nearby neighborhood and busy roads. 

This was the first time I allowed the trio to play in a spray ground. I dressed them in a swim diaper and swim shirt. Several people commented on my "three boys". The girls were curious from afar. Amelia was very cautious and skeptical about the water shooting up from the ground.

I put all three of them inside the gate to feel the water. Amelia immediately cried and crawled away. Maddie was happy to splash in a large puddle and clap.  James was more daring and continued to crawl straight into a fountain, then back to dry land.

It took Jackson a bit of time to really get wet. He had a lot of fun weaving in and out of the larger fountains.

James repeatedly crawled in and out. He seemed genuinely surprised each time he became drenched by the water.

I eventually collected the babies and put them on a blanket in the shade. I dried and dressed the babies while Jackson began climbing on the playground. We ate once my friend arrived. The four kids snacked on a banana, can of mandarin oranges, yogurt, protein bar, and veggie straws. 

I let the babies explore the playground, which inevitably resulted in Maddie and James putting mulch in their mouths. 

The water and sun wore the kids out. We went for a long walk in the wagon on one of the park trails. 

Poor James couldn't resist sleep any longer. He didn't even fuss. 

James' three siblings joined him in napping in the van. I have such an appreciation for a quiet ride home.

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