Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baby Book Completed!

I have thousands of pictures from the past year. Now that the triplets are over a year old, I've been feeling overwhelmed about making a baby book for them. I knew the more time that passed, the less likely I would be to actually make a baby book. (I never made one for Jackson. His first three months are documented, but then I went back to work.) I couldn't find a traditional book that I loved, which led to my decision to make a digital photo book. I researched various photo book companies and watched reviews. I decided to go with Mixbook. (Shameless plug, if any of you decide to make a photobook using Mixbook, let me "refer" you first so I can get $20 off my next purchase.)

I debated about making three individual books or one book to print three times. Since I knew I would be repeating so much of the information in individual books, I decided to make one that included details about each baby. I couldn't find a template that would work so I started with a blank book and custom made everything. I pulled all of my information from blog posts throughout the past year. It took me about 12 hours over the course of three days, but it is finished!

If you have an interest and spare time on your hands, you're more than welcome to browse through it here. And if you actually want to read it, you can adjust the size display underneath the book on the right side.

Next project: Jackson's baby book.


  1. You just put every mother on the planet to shame with this. Mom would be proud! Love it!