Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Village Park

Our family of six headed to the booming town of Kannapolis for a fun morning at the park. Even though none of the babies are walking yet, there is something about them standing with shoes on that makes you think they're about to take off running any second.

James normally loves the swings, but he was much happier playing with Amelia as she swung towards him. The two giggled each time Amelia got close to James.

Jackson and the girls were happy simply swinging.

The mulch wasn't the best surface for the trio to crawl around in, but that didn't stop them. Luckily, there was plenty of fun equipment for them to pull up on and explore.

Jackson enjoyed climbing, sliding, riding, and making silly faces.

The highlight of our morning was riding the train around the loop of the park. Jackson was nearly giddy when the conductor shouted, "All aboard!" The boys took up one seat,

while us girls filled another seat.

Our summer days are numbered, so I'm especially grateful for any adventures we can go on as a family of six.

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