Saturday, August 9, 2014

Barnes & Noble

We registered for a different event at Barnes & Noble two days in a row. On Friday night, Jackson accompanied Jesse to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pajama and pizza party. Jackson has developed a new interest in Ninja Turtles, almost as much as Batman. He loves wearing his "turtle jammies", which was the perfect choice for the party. Jack asked if we could make a mask to go along with his pajamas. I took him to A.C. Moore and spent 50¢ on orange and blue felt. After tracing and cutting a mask template, Jackson refused to wear the thing. I may have gone a bit crazy and threatened to not let him go to the party if he didn't let me take a picture of him wearing the mask. As soon as I did, he threw the mask on the driveway.

The boys returned home just as excited as when they left. Jack proudly showed me his new mask, as well as the nunchucks he made using toilet paper rolls and ribbon.

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This morning our whole family headed to another Barnes & Noble to meet Clifford. Jackson has slept with at least one stuffed Clifford since he started daycare when he was 16 months old. Since Clifford has been his security and comfort object for years, I was so excited to see the "Breakfast with Clifford" event on the website.

As soon as we arrived, Jackson was full of questions.
  • Where's Emily Elizabeth?
  • Does he have soft ears?
  • What's wrong with his eyes? (referring to the creepy netting)
  • Will the door be big enough for Clifford to fit through?
  • Did he drive here? 

After meeting Clifford, we let the babies loose in the storytime area. Amelia stole another girl's doll and a boy's sippy cup. Maddie befriended the boy. They laughed and climbed together. James practiced going up and down the single stair. It was a bit chaotic, but provided a fun space for the trio to explore.

I didn't see any upcoming events in the immediate future that would interest Jackson, but I always like to check every few weeks to see what free entertainment we can take advantage of. This weekend proved to be a lot of fun!

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