Friday, August 8, 2014

Target vs. Walmart: Shopping Carts

While I enjoy shopping at Target more than Walmart, it's nearly impossible to go shopping at Target with the triplets. I didn't realize how different the shopping carts were until today. The trio received several Target gift cards for their first birthday. I took the babies with me today in hopes that I would be able to use some of the gift cards.

The family carts at Target are designed for children ages 2-6. Why a six year old would need to be strapped into a shopping cart is beyond me. Despite tightening the straps and the fact that James and Amelia were very stable, I didn't feel safe with the open space for James and Amelia.

You might be wondering why Maddie was in the back of the cart rather than sitting in the front buggy. It's because the front is screwed closed, completely blocking the leg holes! It was like that on all the family carts I could find. I never paid attention to how poorly designed these carts were.

After feeling defeated at Target, I irritably loaded the trio back in the van and drove to my trusted Walmart. Each child had their own seat, with plenty of room to grow.


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  1. Our Target still had the Walmart style carts. Gastonia -1, Charlotte- 0