Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Day in the Life: 15 Month Old Triplets + 3 Year Old

6 AM
Jesse's alarm goes off. Usually he begins working out, then showers. Today he dressed and headed straight to the voting polls. I continue sleeping.

7 AM
All four kids are awake. (They have not adjusted to the time change yet.) I let the trio talk in their cribs while Jackson crawls in bed with me and watches TV.

7:30 AM
I get James, Amelia, and Maddie out of their cribs. Jesse comes home. Since it's a workday and he doesn't have to go in early, he feeds the kids breakfast so I can go vote.

8:30 AM
I return home, make Jackson's lunch, and get the trio dressed. Jesse leaves for work. I load everyone up and drive to preschool.

9 AM
I drop Jackson off at preschool. I did not have a chance to grocery shop on Sunday, so the trio and I shop at WalMart. (I never mind taking the kids to WalMart since they have family carts. However, I'd have to push a stroller and cart at Aldi.)

10 AM
Jesse texts me to tell me our library books are overdue and we have some in for request. I drive home. I leave the trio in the van while I quickly put the refrigerated items away and grab our library books.

10:20 AM
At the library, I return old books and check out new books. I let the trio play in the kids' area. James happily pulls down dozens of magentic letters off the whiteboard. Amelia walks in between chairs and picks up books. Maddie pulls the chair out and uses it to climb onto the computer table.

11:00 AM
Drive home. Take the kids one at a time to their cribs for a nap. All three fell asleep in the van so they transition to the crib without stirring.

11:30 AM
Start dinner (put cube steak in the crock-pot, peel and dice potatoes). I tidy up the downstairs and start a load of laundry, then begin reading my new book in the recliner.

12:32 PM
I have the overwhelming urge to sleep. Sleep is inevitable, but I know I have to pick up Jackson soon. I set my cell phone alarm for 12:40 and sleep hard for a few minutes.

12:40 PM
Alarm goes off. I get up, prepare and pack a lunch and diaper bag. Wake the trio up and carry them to the van individually.

1 PM
Pick Jackson up from preschool. Endure a 15 minute lecture conversation with the preschool director outside while all kids babble in the van. Jackson shows me his realistic pumpkin craft.

1:40 PM
Arrive at park for previously arranged playdate. Jackson runs and plays with his friends while I change diapers and put lunch on the picnic blanket. I try my best to actually follow all the conversations among friends, chiming in when I have something to contribute.

3:30 PM
Leave the park and drive home. Jackson falls asleep in the van. I open all the doors and let him sleep while the triplets and I play in the driveway.

4:15 PM
Jesse comes home. We bring everyone inside. The trio go down for a late nap. Jackson whines for quite some time, then colors at the kitchen table. We all have downtime (computer, TV, read)

5:15 PM
I finish dinner preparations and set the table. Jesse wakes the triplets up and changes their diapers.

5:30 PM
Eat dinner.

6 PM
Jesse takes Jackson and James out to WalMart. (Apparently Jesse and Jack were on a search for discounted Halloween costumes for dress-up.) I clear the table, start the dishwasher, sweep, etc. Amelia and Maddie "help".

7 PM
The boys return. We take everyone upstairs to get ready for bed. It's late and they're cranky, so no bath tonight.

7:15 PM
The triplets fall asleep in their cribs. Jesse reads Jackson bedtime stories while I upload and edit pictures.

8 PM
Jackson falls asleep in his bed. Jesse and I get ready for bed. He watches TV in bed while I blog. Jesse falls asleep by 9.

10:30 PM
After reading and watching and episode of Call the Midwife, I fall asleep.

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