Saturday, November 29, 2014

DPK with Daddy

Jesse was out of work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for Thanksgiving break. One of the many things we did as a family was go to Discovery Place. Since there were two adults, we decided to forgo strollers. I still used the Ergo so we could navigate the parking lot, but all four kids walked around the museum the entire time. Amelia held mine or Jesse's hand so proudly. I still don't trust the kids to hold my hand and walk across the parking lot by myself, but James and Amelia did really well!
Seriously, who are these big kids?

Jackson spent most of his time working on a Thanksgiving craft. He is really great at following the picture directions all by himself. I only needed to assist because they ran out of precut feathers.

I'm not sure why, but I still find it amusing to look over and see our tiny Maddie doing big girl things. She's so independent. She climbed on top of the chair and sat down "working on a craft".
Even though the whole point of this post was to capture all six of us enjoying our time at the museum, I hardly took any pictures of the boys. They ran off upstairs while the girls and I played downstairs. Here are some random shots of the trio exploring new things:

Maddie discovering the "rain" at the toddler water area

Amelia working on the car

Walking inside the firetruck for the first time
The biggest take-away from our time at the museum was that two adults are always better than one!

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