Thursday, November 13, 2014

The End is Near

I've known for many months that my computer is dying. Jesse has tried to get me to buy a new laptop for several months. It takes me twice as long to blog (or do anything on the computer) because my computer has been sooo slooow! It also abruptly restarts, gets stuck on Windows Mobility screen, rotates the screen, or goes into some kind of recovery mode. The battery died long ago so I always have to sit near an outlet. (Even then, James loves to unplug the charger!)  My blogging has slowed down over the past week because my hard drive is failing. I have over a hundred pictures that I cannot upload or edit and I don't have the patience to use my laptop.

I spent the better part of the day backing up files on our external hard drive. Thankfully, I back up pictures every month so I only had 900 pictures from October. I still had all of my National Boards entries, a plethora of videos, and miscellaneous documents that needed to be saved.

RIP, laptop. We had a good run...

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