Wednesday, November 12, 2014

EKG and Other Maddie Updates

If you recall from Maddie's 15 month well check update, there was concern over yet another heart murmur. Over the past year we've discovered a PDA, PFO, and most recently, VSD. The pediatrician referred us to the pediatric cardiologist today for an EKG. A friend watched Jackson and James for me while the girls and I went to the hospital for Maddie's appointment. (Amelia is always really well behaved at appointments.)
The nurse was very professional and kind, despite Maddie's less than cooperative behavior. Maddie screamed and cried hysterically while the poor nurse tried to check Maddie's oxygen levels, blood pressure, and pulse. Maddie ripped every cord, cuff, and wire off of her in a fit of rage. The nurse was very patient and respectful. She told me that she was going to go ahead and get the doctor because they would not be able to get accurate readings if Maddie was so worked up. Before the door even closed as she left our room, I heard her informally vent to her colleague, "Well, that was a waste of time. I couldn't do nothing with her!"
Thankfully, the doctor was much more successful. She talked and played with Maddie before she ever touched her. She brought 2 stethoscopes so Maddie could play with one while the doctor correctly used her stethoscope to examine Maddie. Maddie mimicked the doctor by moving the chestpiece around her own chest. The doctor assured me that it sounded like an "innocent heart murmur", though she wanted to confirm with the EKG.
We went back to our original exam room so the nurse could perform the EKG. Our sweet, calm Madeline quickly erupted into full hysterics. It took three adults to restrain her long enough to get a reading. As soon as we let go, she calmed down.
(Full disclosure: This is a Google image, not a picture of Maddie. There is no possible way I could have taken a picture of Maddie while holding her down. I wanted to provide a visual so you could grasp just how many wires and stickers were adhered to her small body.)
I dressed Maddie and took the girls to yet another room. The cardiologist reassured me that the EKG results were normal and Maddie's heart murmur is harmless. Praise God!
Just to note: Amelia was incredible the entire hour. She has taken on quite the mama bear role recently. She tried to comfort her sister with a pacifier and toys. I kept her in the stroller most of the time and let her snack on veggie straws.
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The other Maddie update is that the physical therapist decreased her services to every other week. We had our monthly review with the case worker last week. She has met all of her goals, including "independently navigating her environment". We decided to meet every other week at the park, museum, rec center, etc so the PT can support her outside of the home.
We are still waiting on Maddie's shoe inserts. They should be delivered within a week.
In summary, our Maddie Moo is amazing and unstoppable!

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