Sunday, November 16, 2014

Toddler Hobbies

Here are a few of the trio's favorite things to do:

1. Throwing objects in the trashcan and diaper pail. 
I just recently discovered this game after a maddening episode of searching for pacifiers. All three of them were in the trash, along with three toys and a single shoe. Chances are, if something is missing, it's in a trashcan.

2. Walking.
All three are walking (though James still crawls as well). It is still a novelty so I sometimes think they walk for no other purpose than to prove they can. They are each so proud of themselves and frequently clap while they walk.

3. Looking outside.
Now that it's getting colder and our outdoor time is limited, the trio seem especially interested in all things outside. Their favorite sightings include the stray cat, trash pick up, and the mailman.

4. Sharing toys
Technically, it's not so much "sharing" as it is playing with a toy at the same time until the more aggressive kid knocks the other person off. Of course, there are those magical moments before this happens when they are laughing together or dancing.

5. Tantrums/Crying
Okay, perhaps this isn't a hobby, but it's a regular part of our day. The kids are overall happy, but someone gets upset about something every hour. (My brother splashed me. My sister took my spoon. My mommy left the room. I dropped my cup on my foot. ...)

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