Monday, November 10, 2014

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

I both love and hate the fact that all four kids generally stay together. Of course it makes it easier when we're in public and I can keep an eye on everyone.

I like that they can do their own thing but still be near one another.

However, I am finding it harder and harder to keep the peace between all four at home. The triplets are too young to really understand boundaries. Jackson is frustrated that he can't leave his things on the table or couch without his siblings getting them.

There. Is. No. Personal. Space. In. This. House.

If I sit down on the floor, it is a 100% guarantee I will have 3-4 kids touching me within a few minutes. I didn't use to be so irritated by the lack of personal space, but that was before the trio started bouncing on my chest, pulling my hair, and wrestling one another to get to my lap.

James, Amelia, and Maddie are constantly sitting on top of one another and pushing each other.

They continuously steal each other's pacifiers, food, sippy cups, and toys.

If they are fighting and I separate them, they inevitably reunite within a few seconds. They will play well together for a minute or two, then fight over something else. I feel like I repeat this all. day. long.

More often than not, it is sweet and endearing to watch the kids interact. Their bond is unique and unbreakable. I spend much more time admiring their kind gestures towards one another than trying to separate them.

But, the pendulum is beginning to shift. Tears are shed and someone yells multiple times each day over pushing, pulling, and stealing objects. I really don't understand how to teach the trio to share. I don't know when they will learn the concept of personal space or be able to self regulate when they need alone time. I don't know how to ease Jackson's frustrations when he has three tiny terrors uniting against him. I find myself becoming disappointed when I have to repeatedly tell Jackson to let go of his siblings. 

One of the rules that is in nearly every classroom in the country is "Keep your hands to yourself". I don't know what age that rule becomes developmentally appropriate, but our whole family will be a bit happier when it is.

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