Saturday, November 22, 2014

Date Night

Jesse and I enjoyed an evening out alone, courtesy of his parents. This was actually my second consecutive evening out after a girls' night out last night. I had brief mother's guilt considering I wouldn't be tucking my children into bed for the second night, but it did not deter from a pleasant evening out. 

We finally took advantage of an Olive Garden gift card we were given several months ago. There was a moderate wait, so we browsed through nearby stores while waiting for our buzzer to go off. 

I always order the cheapest meal, which is unlimited soup and salad. I still end up eating more than I would if I selected one of the $15+ entrees. I also indulged in a berry wine spritzer along with my soup and salad.  Jesse devoured braised beef with tortellini. 

It was only 7:30 when our meal concluded, so we headed to a nearby tavern for more drinks and dessert. 

Apple fritter with ice cream

Jesse and I don't go out as often as we'd like (every 1-2 months), so we don't take date nights for granted. It's not often we get to have conversations without interruptions. We have changed significantly as individuals over the past decade. Despite a lack of common interests, our marriage thrives and we continue to love one another completely. We have created an amazing family that will always bind us. I wouldn't want to raise my kids with anyone else.

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